Hosting work events offers several benefits. It can help boost office morale, spread brand awareness throughout the business community and offer networking opportunities for new leads.

It takes a significant amount of effort to host these fun events. There’s a guest list that needs to be organized, an event to be planned, digital marketing to push online and so much more. The last thing anyone wants to worry about is creating the menu and cooking the food.

Still need additional convincing? Continue reading as we discuss our top 5 benefits of getting your work event catered by professionals.

Accommodate Dietary Restrictions

It seems like everyone and their mothers are on some new diet these days. These diets can range from the carnivore diet to the clean vegan diet and every paleo/keto thing in between. How is anyone expected to keep up?

On the other hand, many food sensitivities and allergies seem to be gaining popularity as well. It could be extremely dangerous to accidentally have an allergic reaction just when your work event is kicking into full gear. 

Finally, there is the concern of religious dietary restrictions. At Basha’s Shawarma our middle eastern cuisine is all Halal.

Save Time and Money

When it comes to event food you have to worry about planning a menu, gathering all the ingredients, preparing the food, presenting it in an appealing fashion and making sure there are enough plates, drinks, napkins and cups to accommodate everyone involved. Are you overwhelmed yet?

Is it worth it to dedicate the time and wages need to accomplish this successfully? Will they have the resources to plan a menu around the multiple food restrictions? What location will they be using to prep all this food? These are important questions that need answering when creating food for a work event.

Remove stress and anxiety

This ties in nicely to saving time and money. Without a budget or time crunch, there will be much less to worry about. Investing in your own peace of mind is always worth it. Know that your catering company will take care of all the small details, including accommodating all the dietary restrictions and offering eating utensils.

When the event organizers are stressed it can radiate throughout the entire event. This can lead to a disjointed and unorganized atmosphere. Give off the impression that your company has it all together, including excellent food options.

Reputation improvement

Nothing sets up a great work event better than full stomachs filled with high quality food. Your attendees will have the energy to engage and interact with the event thanks to your wide spread of professional catered food.

Leave your guests with a great impression By providing them with a fantastic experience that they will remember. They leave knowing that your company really cares about their guests and employees and they’re worth the investment.

Community support

Ordering food from a local catering professional or restaurant is a great way to support your community. Businesses supporting other businesses is always met with gratitude and the recognition that you are an active member within your area. It can serve as an excellent conversation starter as there are bound to be people who have either heard of the restaurant, love the restaurant or have been meaning to try the food. Show your guests that you know what is cooking in your city and the support will not go unnoticed!

The last thing you want to worry about when hosting a business event is the food. It can arguably be one of the most important aspects. By having a local professional cater your work event, you can guarantee that the food will go off without a hitch, helping your work event become a success and possibly one your guests will remember fondly.

Reach out to Basha’s Shawarma to cater your local Windsor business event. We offer platters of fine middle eastern cuisine to accommodate any size office event. Contact as at (519) 968-3536 to learn more about how we can help your work event be a success.