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Due to the shortage of beef around Canada Due to covid-19, We have adjusted the price of our beef items please contact Bashas at (519)968-3536 for pricing details.




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Fattoush V  S$4.90 L$8.60

tabouli V  S$5.50 L$9.20

greek salad V  S$5.95 L$9.60

add shawarma  S$3.50 L$4.50

add feta cheese  S$1.00 L$1.75


Hummus V  S$5.00 L$8.25

sundried tomato Hummus  S$5.75 L$9.00

cumin olive Hummus  S$5.75 L$9.00

baba ganouj V  S$5.75 L$8.90

Falafel (4 Pcs.) V  $5.50

Grape Leaves (4 Pcs.) V  $6.50

Fried Kibbeh (4 Pcs.)  $7.00

Beef shawarma pies (4 Pcs.)  $6.75

Chicken shawarma pies (4 Pcs.)  $6.75

spinach pies (4 Pcs.) V  $6.75


Lentil Soup V  $4.75

Chicken Lemon Rice (Greek Wedding)  $4.75

Kid’s Meal

Chicken Strips – Served With Fries  $7.00

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beef shawarma  $12.25

chicken shawarma  $12.25

mixed beef & chicken Shawarma  $12.75

shish tawook (2 skewers)  $13.00

shish kabob (2 skewers)  $13.75

shish kafta (2 skewers)  $12.50

Basha’s mixed grill (3 skewers)  $14.90

* Kabob Beef Tenderloin Contained Peanut Butter

Above served with Fattoush, Garlic Sauce, Pickles, Pita Bread and your choice of Rice or Fries.

veggie plate – v

2 Falafel, 1 pc Grape Leaves, Hummus, 1 pc Spinach pie, Fattoush Salad, Pita Bread & Mixed Pickles


falafel plate – v

4 Falafel, Fattoush Salad, Garlic, Tahini, Pita Bread, Mixed Pickles and your choice of White Rice or Homestyle Fries.


Above served with Garlic, Tahini, Pickles, Pita Bread and your choice of Rice or Fries.


Homemade beef burger  $5.90


Combo 1 – Homestyle Fries or Rice & Soft Drink  $4.00

Combo 2 – fattoush salad, soup & Soft Drink  $5.15

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Basha’s Specials

hummus trio platter – original, sun-dried tomato & cumin olive  $7.00

Beef or chicken shawarma stir fry  $12.50

Mix shawarma stir fry  $12.75

veggie stir fry V  $10.75

Served with White Rice

Bowls (no carbs)

beef or chicken shawarma bowl  $7.75 

mix shawarma bowl  $8.00

Falafel veggie bowl V  $7.50

mediterranean fries beef  $11.95

mediterranean fries chicken  $11.95


beef shawarma  $5.50

chicken shawarma  $5.50

mixed beef & chicken shawarma  $5.80

falafel veggie V  $5.25

shish tawook (chicken)  $6.20

shish kabob (beef)  $6.70

shish kafta (ground beef)  $5.50

combo 1 – with homestyle fries or rice & soft drink  $4.00

combo 2 – fattoush salad or soup & soft drink  $5.15

have it on stone baked bread add  $0.75

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Side Orders

homestyle fries  S$3.50 L$5.75

garlic potatoes S$4.20 L$6.25

mujadara S$4.00 L$6.50

grape leaves V  1 pc $1.85

fried kibbeh  1 pc $1.90

falafel V  1 pc $1.50

pies  1 pc $1.95

white rice S$3.50 L$5.75

garlic S$1.00 L$5.00

mixed pickles S$3.50 L$6.00

shish tawook (1 skewer)  $4.00

shish kabob (1 skewer)  $5.10

shish kafta (1 skewer)  $3.50

beef shawarma S$11.50 L$21.00

chicken shawarma S$11.50 L$21.00

mixed beef/chicken shawarma S$11.50 L$21.00


canned soft drinks  $1.50

bottled juice  $2.75

bottled water  $1.25

yogurt drink (ayran)  $2.75


baklava (1 piece)  $1.50

baklava (4 pieces)  $5.50

baklava (12 pieces)  $14.00

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Family Dishes

Basha’s Platter For 4

Small Hummus, Large Fattoush, 4 pc Falafel, Beef & Chicken Shawarmas, 2 Shish Tawook, 2 Shish Kabob, 2 Shish Kafta and Large Garlic Potatoes.


Basha’s Platter For 8

Large Hummus, Half Tray Fattoush, 8 pc Falafel, Beef & Chicken Shawarmas, 4 Shish Tawook, 4 Shish Kabob, 4 Shish Kafta and Half Tray Garlic Potatoes.


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